The Financial Resources section of this patient portal, run by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, is a fantastic place to start your research (though don’t skip the other sections on the Financial Considerations page). You’ll find a roundup of national and local financial service organizations as well as groups that provide assistance for housing (Hope Lodge), travel (Air Care Alliance, Mercy Medical Angels), medical costs (Assist Fund, Good Days) and more.

Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition

Organized by a coalition of 14 major cancer groups, this database acts as a clearinghouse for your financial needs. Type in your diagnosis (breast cancer, for example), your ZIP code and the type of aid you’re looking for (such as help with copays or wigs) and a list of relevant organizations is at your fingertips.


Along with limited financial aid, CancerCare offers emotional and practical help, such as free professional counseling and support groups. Its publications can be downloaded or mailed to you free of charge; of note are “Coping With Cancer When You’re Uninsured ” and “A Helping Hand: The 2021 Resource Guide for People With Cancer.”

Cancer Finances

Created by two nonprofits, Triage Cancer and The Samfund (see both below), this educational tool kit helps you better understand the impact cancer can have on your finances. The digital database of easy-to-understand information is organized into topics such as clinical trials, employment issues and paying for long-term care. You can further tailor each subject to your specific needs. It’s like taking a class on finances.

Family Reach

This group provides financial resources and support through grants, education, resource navigation and guidebooks. Fill out an online application and it will match its services with your needs.

HealthWell Foundation

Even if you have insurance, your out-of-pocket expenses for cancer care can be overwhelming. At HealthWell, underinsured patients with specific chronic and life-altering diseases can apply for grants. Funding is organized according to illness, including many types of cancer; check out the list to see whether your cancer is currently covered and whether you qualify.

Medicaid Payments to Caregivers

If you’re taking care of a frail or disabled senior family member, you may be compensated by Medicaid for your efforts. Visit this website to learn about Medicaid’s various programs that offer financial payments.

PhRMA’s Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT)


Search these two databases to find out whether pharmaceutical companies offer patient financial assistance programs for your medications.

The Samfund

The fund helps young adult cancer survivors escape medical debt by offering direct financial assistance as well as online support, webinars and education.

Triage Cancer

Although it doesn’t offer direct financial aid, Triage Cancer provides advice on understanding and managing your bills so you don’t overpay and get stuck with unauthorized charges. You can also learn how to appeal denials of coverage and navigate legal issues, such as disability insurance (see Solutions).