American Cancer Society

Most national cancer organizations include outreach to minority populations. The American Cancer Society, for example, offers a fact sheet for gay and bisexual men and another for lesbian and bisexual women; both outline barriers to care, prevalent cancers, prevention advice and more. The group’s Cancer Survivor Network ( includes two related discussion boards: Gay Men Talk About Cancer and Lesbians Talk About Cancer.


Professional oncology social workers offer emotional and practical support for all people with cancer as well as their loved ones and care providers. The group occasionally offers LGBTQ-related support groups, and you can always read and download such booklets as “Cancer and Gender Diversity” and “Coping With Cancer as a Gay or Bisexual Man.”

A patient portal run by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Cancer.Net hosts a Resources for LGBTQ+ People With Cancer page with links to queer groups (albeit not always about cancer), such as the National Coalition for LGBT Health and SAGE: Advocacy & Services for LGBT Elders.


This U.K. breast cancer charity and Live Through This (see below) offer resources for nonbinary and transgender people—because everyone has breast tissue and can get breast cancer.

National LGBT Cancer Network

This organization is the LGBTQ community’s premier cancer resource. The nonprofit aims to educate queer people about their elevated cancer risks, to advocate for cancer survivors and to train health care providers to offer more culturally competent care. The website includes searchable databases of LGBTQ-friendly providers that offer screenings and treatment; findings from the network’s national cancer survey; best practices for providers; a library with topics such as Bisexual Health, Caregiving and Cervical Cancer; and a webinar titled “LGBTQ+ Cancer Care: Welcoming Strategies.”

Other standout offerings include:

  • LGBTQ cancer peer-support groups, including weekly meetings via Zoom and a list of other ways to find support, such as the Facebook group Lesbian Cancer Survivors and Caregivers
  • Tobacco-Related Cancer Project, one of eight CDC-funded networks to reduce cancer-related disparities in unique populations;
  • Out Proud Free, a program that addresses the prevalence of smoking, vaping and the use of e-cigarettes; and
  • TRANSforming Cancer, a roundup of resources, support and personal cancer stories for transgender people.

National LGBT Cancer Project

This site offers articles, advice, forums, first-person stories, info on clinical trials and more.

Live Through This

Based in London, this charity group’s website provides LGBTQ-specific support, advocacy and information, including the podcast Queer With Cancer, cancer-aware recipes, the article “Sex With and Beyond Cancer,” a downloadable booklet “Provider Pack: Breaking Down Barriers to LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Cancer Care” and a YouTube video “LGBT+ Health and Screenings.”