Cancer Health Spring 2022

Cancer Health Spring 2022

In every issue, you’ll find cutting-edge health information and the hottest topics of interest to people with cancer and their loved ones.

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The Art of Living with Cancer

While treatment keeps her Stage IV bladder cancer at bay, Shelley Kerr, 66, taps into her creativity, making sculpture and music.

bronze sculptor by Shelly Kerr

Special Delivery

A new type of cancer treatment uses antibodies to deliver chemotherapy drugs directly to tumors.

From the Editor

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There are many ways to get smarter in this issue.

Care and Treatment

Coronavirus Covid-19

COVID-19 Treatment, PEP and PrEP

Some people undergoing cancer treatment do not respond well to COVID-19 vaccines, leaving them at risk for severe illness.

hand in blue gloves holding vial and syringe

HPV Vaccine Cuts Cervical Cancer Risk

The Gardasil 9 vaccine protects against nine types of HPV.

bowl of oatmeal with berries

Diet Affects Cancer Growth and Treatment

Diets that mimic fasting deprive cancer of fuel needed for rapid growth.

asian man practicing meditation

Yoga Improves Quality of Life

The men who did yoga had improvements in functional, physical and social well-being, sexual function and fatigue.


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Changing Minds

“If you have to drive four hours to see a doctor, you’re less likely to do it.”

Banana Oat Smoothie

Drink Your Calories

This banana oat smoothie is packed with protein, anti-inflammatory and has a delicious, chewy consistency.

Chris Evert attends the 2011 Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year award presentation at The IAC Building on December 6, 2011 in New York City.

Evert’s Luck

Tragedy may have saved her life.

man exercising sitting in a chair

Bone Mets? You Can Exercise

People with advanced cancer are rarely given exercise guidance


Lesley Kailani Glenn

Breathing Lessons

Lesley Kailani Glenn, 56, lives in Oregon. She has Stage IV metastatic breast cancer.

Mark Hoffman

Patient, Know Thyself

Mark Hoffman, 57, who has chronic lymphocytic leukemia, learned how to ask a question that may have saved his life.


Kellie Smith

A Multiple Myeloma Diary

Kellie Smith, 52, lives in Austin with her husband and child. She has multiple myeloma.


illustration of human body kidneys and bladder

Bladder Cancer Treatment

Several new medications for urothelial carcinoma have been developed in recent years.

Life With Cancer

Dena Battle and her late husband, Chris Battle, with their daughters

The Futility of Catastrophic Thinking

Dena Battle, a kidney cancer patient advocate, used to worry incessantly about cancer. Then, her husband was diagnosed.


The LGBTQ Community

Cancer may not discriminate, but LGBTQ people often face unique cancer risks and needs. These groups offer insight and assistance.

Your Team

Breast Cancer Surgeon

Roshni Rao, MD, is chief of the breast surgery program at New York–Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

Good Stuff

Bose QuietComfort 35

Spring at Last!

Refresh and renew your mind and body for the upcoming season.


fruits in pill blister pack

Overcoming Malnutrition

Medical nutrition therapy provided by a registered dietitian reduces the risk of malnutrition and improves outcomes during cancer treatment


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Cancer Health Spring 2022

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