A new documentary available for viewing on popular streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vimeo and iTunes claims that root canals cause cancer—and dental professionals across the country are voicing their disapproval of the film’s claims, The Guardian reports.

In Root Cause, Australian filmmaker Frazer Bailey’s recounts his quest to identify the cause of several of his health problems, including fatigue, anxiety and depression. The film eventually concludes (based on disproved research) that over time, root canals can cause cancer, heart conditions and other serious health problems.

However, the American Dental Association, American Association of Endodontists and American Association of Dental Research recently issued their first-ever member-wide alert in response to a film—warning media companies across the country that the film could be harming the viewing public by spreading false claims and pointing out that researchers have never been able to duplicate the results from the original experiment.

“This is a really well-produced film designed to scare people into seeking out some fringe medical and dental therapies,” said Jennifer Gibbs, MD, director of endodontics at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, adding, “I don’t know where their claims are coming from. I don’t think they’re based on any kind of scientific research that is evidence-based or peer-reviewed.”

In fact, large-scale population-based research shows that people who have had root canals actually have a lower risk of cardiovascular-related death. Furthermore, research on the link between cancer and endodontic procedures such as root canals also shows that people who have had these treatments also have a lower risk of certain cancers.

Netflix declined a request for comment, and Apple, Amazon and Vimeo have yet to respond to journalists’ repeated requests for comment, reports The Guardian. Meanwhile, experts are calling for the sites to stop suggesting the film to viewers or preface it with a disclaimer and to vet future films they host for responsible content.