Cancer Health Spring 2024

Cancer Health Spring 2024

In every issue, you’ll find cutting-edge health information and the hottest topics of interest to people with cancer and their loved ones.

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Sydney  Barned, MD

The Young Ambassador

Diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer at 33, Sydney Barned, MD, a nonsmoker, is on a mission to get this disease the attention it deserves.

illustration gavel

A Win on Biomarker Testing

Sydney Barned, MD, testified before the Maryland legislature about the positive impact the testing had on her life.

Alternative medicine images

Mind-Body Paths to Managing Cancer Pain

Solid evidence supports integrative care, such as acupuncture, yoga and cryotherapy, to ease chronic pain for cancer survivors.

Editor’s Letter

woman yoga pose with lungs health

Just Breathe

Lung cancer incidence among younger and middle-aged people is now higher among women than men. Learn more in our latest issue.


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2 Million Cancer Cases in 2024

An annual report also finds a steady drop in cancer deaths.

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New Leaders at NCI and SU2C

Meet W. Kimryn Rathmell, MD, PhD, at the National Cancer Institute and Julian Adams, PhD, at Stand Up to Cancer.

Strahan, Bolton and Micucci

Celebrity Diagnoses

“Big Bang Theory” actress Kate Micucci, soft-rock crooner Michael Bolton and other bold-faced names share their cancer journeys.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

Secrets and Grand Slams

Prostate cancer cases make national news and highlight a “broader silence around the disease.”

Care & Treatment

White blood cells with red blood cells

What’s New in Blood Cancer Treatment?

Advances in the treatment of blood cancers, with a focus on targeted therapies

Beautiful senior woman smiles while walking for breast cancer awareness

Gentler Treatment for Early Breast Cancer

Read about the results of recent clinical trials.

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Even Brief Exercise Lowers Cancer Risk

People who engaged in vigorous activity for 4.5 minutes a day had a 20% lower cancer risk.

Female acupuncture model with needles in the shoulder

Acupuncture and Massage for Pain

Nonpharmacologic pain relief options for people with advanced cancer.


Dental floss tooth dental care dentist oral health

Still Flossing

When your cancer is incurable, how do you respond to folks constantly asking, “How are you?” Richard Wassersug, PhD, crafted an apt answer...


Woman massaging her painful foot neuropathy

Neuropathy Pain

Chemotherapy-induced peri­pheral neuropathy—pain, tingling, burning or numbness in the feet and hands—is common among cancer patients.


Terry Evans  and his wife play golf in Utah.

A Leukemia Diary

Terry Evans, 76, a father of four, lives with his wife in Huntington, California. He has had chronic lymphocytic leukemia since 2000.

Can Heal

Meet the Luckiest Unlucky Person

Kristin Smith Westbrook’s “practical memoir” covers meditation, metastatic breast cancer, grief, Calm City and much more.

Your Team

Jeff Eagan

Oncology Physical Therapy

What is it, and how does it help people with cancer? Physical and rehabilitation therapist Jeff Eagan at UCHealth has the answers.


illustration of kidneys

Kidney Cancer Resources

The following resources offer support, education and more for people facing kidney cancer.


Old caucasian woman exercising outdoors to stay fit

Cultivate a “Luckiest” Outlook

Use these exercises to track thoughts of gratitude and love and to create a library of good feelings.

Good Stuff

NEWGO Hand Ice Pack Gloves

Alternative Comfort

These complementary approaches and products can help you cope with cancer-related side effects.


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Cancer Health Spring 2024

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