American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society has a wealth of information about prostate cancer—from prevention to diagnosis to treatment to survival—in the form of articles, quizzes, videos and diagrams. The site answers common questions, such as “What kind of treatment will I need?” and “What will happen after treatment?”, the patient portal for the American Society of Clinical Oncology, provides oncologist-reviewed articles on prostate cancer in English and Spanish. Its free app, Mobile, allows you to schedule appointments, set medication reminders, track the frequency and severity of symptoms and side effects, and record questions for your care team.  


CancerCare provides free one-on-one sessions with oncology social workers via its website and its hotline, Hopeline—800-813-HOPE (4673)—to help handle the emotional and practical aspects of a diagnosis. The organization provides financial assistance, runs Q&A sessions and workshops about prostate cancer and treatments, and offers patient support groups.

Fans for the Cure

Fans for the Cure raises awareness among men and their families about the role of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening in prostate cancer detection. It also produces a podcast, Stay in the Game!: Conversations About Prostate Cancer With Ed Randall, that covers issues from caregiving to patient advocacy and offers patient support groups for both men and women.  

Prostate Cancer Foundation

The Prostate Cancer Foundation is intent on finding a prostate cancer cure. Since its founding in 1993, it has facilitated a significant increase in the number of prostate cancer drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It supports researchers and clinicians through grants and offers patients and caregivers printed guides and help finding doctors, treatment centers and clinical trials.

Prostate Health Education Network

The Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN) supports African Americans who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and aims to eliminate racial disparities in diagnosis and treatment. It also offers a survivor network, and monthly webcasts in partnership with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. PHEN produces an annual conference on racial disparities, online TV shows and the stage play Daddy’s Boys (along with churches around the country).

Us TOO International

Us TOO International offers education resources and support services to men diagnosed with prostate cancer and their families, including a hotline (800-808-7866) and a database of support groups sorted by country, state and risk status.

Zero: The End of Prostate Cancer

Founded more than two decades ago, ZeroCancer is committed to eradicating prostate cancer by funding research into and promoting screening for the disease. The organization is also known for its outreach to veterans, LGBTQ people and Black men, who are at higher risk of developing and dying of prostate cancer than their peers of other races.