No matter your diagnosis, cancer can leave you feeling isolated. The following support groups can help you find a community, either in person or online. Remember, whatever you’re going through, someone else has already been through it.

Cancer and Careers


Twitter: @cancerandcareer

Phone: 646-929-8032

Cancer and Careers provides advice, tools and educational events to help people living with and survivors of cancer navigate the workplace. Visit the site to find regional events and online resources.



Twitter: @cancercare

Phone: 800‑813‑ 4673

CancerCare is a national organization that provides counseling, support groups, workshops, publications and financial assistance to anyone affected by cancer. Visit the site for more information.

Cancer Support Community


Twitter: @CancerSupportHQ

Phone: 888-793-9355

Cancer Support Community offers social and emotional assistance to people living with cancer anywhere in the world. In addition, CSC focuses on patient advocacy through its Cancer Policy Institute. Visit the site to find an affiliate group near you.

Friend for Life

Twitter: @FFLCancerSprt

Phone: 866-374-3634

Friend for Life is an international network of cancer survivors and caregivers who provide one-on-one emotional and psychosocial support to people recently diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones, primarily by phone. Visit the site to be matched with a volunteer.

Imerman Angels


Twitter: @imermanangels

Phone: 866- 463-7626

Imerman Angels connects people living with cancer of any age, anywhere, with people who have survived the same type of cancer. Visit the site to enroll in the program.

Latinas Contra Cancer

Twitter: @LatContraCancer


Phone: 888-522-8110

Latinas Contra Cancer’s mission is to support Latina women who are living with or have survived cancer and to promote cancer awareness in the Latino community. Join a Spanish-language support group at its Santa Clara County, California, location, or visit the site for international resources.



Phone: 212-673-4920

Malecare is a leading support and advocacy organization for men living with cancer, especially prostate cancer. It focuses on underserved populations and has information available in multiple languages. Visit the site to find a support group near you.

Mautner Project


Twitter: @whitmanwalker

Phone: 202-797-3570

As part of Whitman-Walker Health, Mautner Project offers direct services to members of the LGBTQ community living with cancer, with special programs for seniors and minority women.

National LGBT Cancer Network


Twitter: @cancerlgbt

Phone: 212-675-2633

The National LGBT Cancer Network provides support to members of the LGBT community who are living with or have survived cancer, as well as cancer education to the LGBT community. Visit the site to find the online support group near you.

Nueva Vida


Twitter: @nueva_vida

Nueva Vida offers information and support and empowers Latino families affected by cancer. Visit the site for services, locations and partners.



Twitter: @sharsheret

Phone: 866-474-2774

Sharsheret serves Jewish women living with breast cancer or who are at increased genetic risk for breast cancer. Visit the site to find a chapter near you.

Sisters Network Inc.


Twitter: @sistersnetwork

Phone: 866-781-1808

Sisters Network offers support to breast cancer survivors, with a focus on African-American women, as well as community outreach and education. Visit the site to find an affiliate support group near you.

Stupid Cancer


Twitter: @stupidcancer

Phone: 877-735-4673 

Stupid Cancer offers guidance and support and empowers young adults (under age 40) affected by cancer. Visit the site to find online resources, meet-ups and a regional chapter near you.

Last Reviewed: November 10, 2017