Oh yes, I am talking about my Kindle. I was born with a book in my hand, I think — I myself was in labor and delivery with my daughter reading a freaking book — my family thinks that might be the first for a book...

At 10 I was reading Wuthering Heights to Forever and had to have books confiscated when I veered into too much adult territory.

When I was a kid, I wanted to read more than anything — until I found boys, then I wanted to read while flirting with a boy… couldn’t quite figure that out.

Before I met my husband I would go into bookstores and expect to find a boyfriend — I was the one whose paychecks while in college at a local advertising firm went alllll to the Midtown 14th Street Barnes and Noble and I would struggle on the bus laden down with books.

When I moved to Italy in 1998, I got an Amazon delivery of the latest book by a favorite author, Alice McDermott, Charming Billy.

I never thought I would fall for an electronic reading device — I always felt the books themselves spoke to me and led me to them via their titles, their colors, their covers.

Then I had kids and carrying books was replaced with carrying babies. I started with a Kindle app on my phone — me who’s more myopic than anyone I know — quickly realized my eyes were strained beyond belief. One Christmas my husband gave me a Paperwhite Kindle and I was converted.

Recently I splurged and got myself a refurbished Oasis Kindle with built-in internet so I never have to be without a book and I have spent a lot of time over the last few months getting lost in book after book because I love to and because I had been working way too hard and needed to unwind.

Now, recovering from my procedure, my Kindle is my bff again.

Thanks to having one I can read and relax :).