I am so thankful for my visitors of my websites — yes websites, plural. I am a content creator and I guess in my on way an influencer — I mean, my insta might look low but I am the Twitter queen, and with visitors per week in the 5,000–6,000 range (peep my Weebly stats up above), I am honored beyond belief to be so well read and so connected to my communities.

When I worked in the dot-com bubble in 1999–2000, we all heard, “Content is king” and, “If you build it, they will come” — I see now that it is true — if you write from your heart in the 3 very different ways that I do, like my small business, my nonprofit and my me blog.

With the one for my small business, my oldest site, thenextstep1234.com, which has a blog full of insights and advice based on the business books I have written and the experiences I have as a professor from 2003–2016 and an executive in NYC and an entrepreneur for decades, as well as the services I offer around career paths, social media management and more, has consistently pulled 2,000+ people per week to my content and countless clients, now friends.

For my nonprofit, my heart and soul in trying to help with survivorship, lately my visitors have exploded more than before — I have met and helped people through this site and for that my heart sings with happiness — thank you everyone who needs help with survivorship and finds it with me at balanceaftercancer.org.

​And last but not least, this blog, the one that replaced my original just-about-me blog that is now still housed on my nonprofit website — this one is where everything comes out so I can be lighter and continue to survive.

Thank you all for reading and being with me … I love you all!