I’ve been moving and shaking in the myeloma community, and it feels good!
Anyone who has wandered onto my blog, know that I’m doing and feeling well...
Sort of, as I did have walking pneumonia some weeks back. If it’s not one thing it’s another. I’ll have my labs drawn and a follow-up in a few weeks and pray there won’t be any hiccups in my remission stage.

Well just to get you up to speed, I did a presentation at Mount Sinai Hospital on the Stain of Racial Disparities as it relates to Multiple Myeloma. I touched on the way of the few African American advocates with this disease; We’re far and few between, yet cover this beast in higher incidences. Apparently, this conversation has opened up the door to more discussions such as this, and I’m happy to keep at it!

I’ve been working on a fitness coaching/ trainer business and look forward to our website in a few months, or sooner. So I know exercise can be a sore subject for many, as who has the ability to workout after treatments? Well, I know all too well the challenges as fatigue hits many of us strong. Yet, with that being said, this has been my savior of being active while on treatment. My experience has been trying to keep positive and active while having this disease. Could this be why I’m in remission? Who knows but I’m sure it hasn’t hurt the outcome. I’ll offer my clients an online hub to follow my suggestions in being fit with restrictions. I hope to share this with you very soon :)

I’m honored to have been accepted to 2019 Healthe Voices in Dallas, Texas. Healthe Voices is a spectrum of engaging and impactful advocates repping their platform. I was one of the few repping multiple myeloma. There are some interesting things in the works as we move in #madabout myeloma movement... won’t you join me?

Well that’s about it.

The audacity to live is about trying, moving and staying relevant as we face this disease together!


This post originally appeared on Another Face…of Multiple Myeloma. It is republished with permission.