Hey Everyone,

I’m doing well on this end. I’m currently in remission, and my follow-up next week will actually reconfirm that. We will also discuss the next steps.

A lot has taken place this year and I’m just moving with the flow of things. I’ve been doing my share of writing via different formats online, so I’m excited about helping those also going through myeloma or any other blood-related cancer. I know this is still a harsh struggle for so many of my fellow MMs.

I know in the past few months a few people I follow on social media have had a time with the prognosis of their disease, and one has recently passed away. When I hear stories like this it reminds me, that no matter remission this is still a blunt reality that never leaves you. I will always be on pins and needles, as so many of us living this new life. However, with that said I’m LIVING MY BEST LIFE and doing what I want to do, with a great bunch of friends and family in my corner.

Check out Meet the advocates… That’s me down there. A caricature by the great team of BloodCancer.com. They have comprised a great series that we the advocates hope to share our experiences, and hope they are beneficial in some way to you. We’re all in this together!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

This post originally appeared on Another Face…of Multiple Myeloma. It is republished with permission.