A new month hit me unaware — for the past several months, I have been writing down my “manifestations” or “wishes” for the month in a notebook I carry around sporadically…

I had not realized it was a new month although I did post about my birthday month — I forgot to write my “wishes” or “goals” for this month and because of that (and since I am too lazy to walk upstairs right now to find my notebook), here are this month’s intentions:

1) Health (I go for a mammography this month — my yearly — on my remaining breast, but health is always my first item on any list, of course.)

2) Family Health & Happiness (including me, but I know if I go down, others will suffer, too, so I always put my health first…)

3) Good Works — to help others. I am working hard on a new online class available to cancer survivors and a workbook all about being college ready after dealing with cancer — wish me luck!

4) Income — I mean, hey, who does not want income? Especially for me as a small business owner / nonprofit founder — income is something we need to survive and also to get through the holidays with.

5) Girls’ nights out — I want to schedule some more of these — very important to me.

6) Writing & Sharing — always important but now that I finally got around my block, I want to do this even more.

7) Joy in the season and faith in what’s next

8) Show my love.

9) Lay off social media. :)

10) Special times and memories with the fam & friends

What’s on your list for this month?