It is finally February — January drags on so slowly especially when you are waiting for big things. I am leaving to go to Italy to see Padre Pio, my saint, intercessor, Spiritual Father and more in 3 days. This will be the farthest I have ever been from my kids since having them. It will also be my longest time away but it is something I am called to do.

For this new month, I will be ending month 19 of my 24-month clinical trial on Monday, the day I leave the country. My trip happens to fall on the week I am off the drug — which is just amazing and has to be divine intervention because when I booked this trip 280 days ago I had no clue where I would be in my trial drug. I will begin Day 1 and 2 of month 20 before I return — and then just 4 months left of the drug trial!

Also, I lived in Italy 21 years ago for one year — when my mom came to see me during my studies there she was 42… I am returning and I am 42…

My manifestations are always similar but this time a little different — for this month, I manifest and pray for:

  • ​healing
  • Safe travels and safe keeping of my loved ones
  • peace
  • strength and grace for my kids and me as we navigate our first real time apart
  • bravery and strength for my husband
  • love

That is it. I am incredibly blessed and lucky… Two years ago today I had my second round of chemo and was counting down to the next one in 2 weeks and now I am counting down to visit friends and spirituality in Italy — life is so blessed and amazing! What are you doing / hoping for in February?√Re writers block I have 10 or more blog ideas and things in draft but no oomph to get them out — I am hopeful this trip unleashes my writing… What do you do when you get stuck?