I have not withdrawn or stopped sharing because of any bad news or death lol I just really wanted to focus this summer on my family and me.

I hit the ground running running running post-treatment and just pushed and presented and planned and filed papers to be this big thing and now I am just taking some time that I should have taken in the first place, I think, to truly heal.

Writing it out is one way but for a long time I have not felt the urge to write … I’m sorry for those who missed me and checked on me and worried about me — I love you and I appreciate you.

It’s so sad that in our community if we don’t hear from someone in a few weeks, we imagine the worst...

So this summer I am bouncing and though I am not posting stuff, I am still writing and looking for my voice and how I want my own story to go.

I am so blessed to continue holding on to my faith and to be able to just take a bit of a summer vacation this season to enjoy my kids and life with them from Six Flags (thanks to my brother Anthony for the membership and dining plan to go anytime we want — which has been at least 3 times a week) to Breezy Point Surf Club and all the play dates and fun in between sports, studying, laughing, visiting, etc.

With sports I overdid it so much pitching balls to my son that I wound up with pains on each breath and a full day at Sloan just 2 weeks ago with the battery of tests came some fears but end result was just a pulled muscle and I was cleared to go home.

Worst thing was reading the report from my contrast CT scan done for like my whole upper body to rule out blood clot and / or anything else. It did freak me out for a minute but then I remembered a) I go to Sloan and finding stuff is kind of their thing and if there was an issue they would have told me and b) my faith is so strong and powerful that very night I dreamt of my saint, Padre Pio, my spiritual father and I just know all is well — more on that later.

Every day is a new adventure, I am still working with a few clients and folks with both my nonprofit and small business, too but my main focus is on my children and even hubby, too.

I am also still on my Ibrance trial — I thought it ended after 24 months which was this last cycle #24 in June BUT it is actually 25 cycles… so I finish in July and though I was tempted to just give up when I heard there were 25 cycles and not the 24 I had assumed there were when I began the 2-year trial as 2 years = 24 months I did not give up… I am looking forward to completing the trial without further hospital visits (please God) and to continue to be healthy / NED.

If all goes ok, I will not be at Sloan again until September which is the longest break ever since my clinical trial visit was May 29 and then my sports injury check was June 14… so here’s hoping!

My love to all... may you all have some time to celebrate and enjoy your life and maybe spend some of it figuring out what the future holds and pray for me as I pray for all of you xoxo.