One of my blog’s readers recently shared with me some information about the Prostate Cancer Promise research project (thanks, C.M.!).

It’s a project that’s seeking to collect DNA samples from patients at any stage of their prostate cancer so that they can identify certain patients with hereditary DNA mutations to track over the course of 15+ years in hopes of being able to help identify more tailored treatment options, as well as being able to let family members know that there is a gene that’s passed from generation to generation that makes them more prone to prostate cancer.

You will be selected for inclusion in the study if you have one of the hereditary mutations they’re looking for.

The research project is being conducted by Johns Hopkins University, the University of Washington, and Color, a company that specializes in DNA testing. The study is open only to U.S. citizens, and you can learn more about it either at their website,, or their YouTube channel.

There’s a shorter cursory overview video followed by a more in-depth video below:

Disclaimer: I have no connection with the study, either as a participant or otherwise, and share this only for informational purposes only.

This post originally appeared September 13, 2022, on Dan’s Journey Through Prostate Cancer. It is republished with permission.