This will be a Reader’s Digest version of a future longer post. My computer died Sunday night and I’m not keen on trying to type out the full report on my phone’s itty-bitty keyboard.

The bottom line for now is to watch my PSA for the next three to six months, perhaps with another PSMA PET scan in six months if my PSA has increased sufficiently to be reasonably assured that the scan could detect something. I’m okay with that approach.

If my next PSA has a sizable increase, we’ll reevaluate.

The meeting lasted around 30 minutes, so there are more details to share once I get access to a computer again.

I’ll go for a PSA test (and get a testosterone baseline) on 1 May in advance of a 9 May meeting with my primary care physician and a 14 May meeting with the urologist.

With luck, I’ll have a full update by the end of the week.

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