My first meeting with a medical oncologist is a week from Tuesday, on 19 March, so I’ve been putting together a series of questions to ask.

I’d like to leave the meeting with an understanding of whether there’s value in delaying the start of hormone therapy so my PSA can get high enough for a PSMA PET scan to locate the cancer so we know exactly what we’re dealing with, or if it’s better to start hormone therapy sooner rather than later.

I’d also like to understand whether they would want to start with just ADT or with a combination therapy of ADT and antiandrogen therapy and how to manage the side effects from both options.

I’m sure I’ll post an update after the meeting.

On an unrelated general health note, I’ve been pretty faithful about getting in a daily walk this year. I started out with short walks and now I’m up to 6 km / 3.7 miles per day. So far this year, I’ve logged about 240 km / 149 miles. Not bad for this old geezer who was always picked last for the team in school PE classes.

Stay tuned for more.


I came across this fact sheet on hormone therapy from the National Cancer Institute that does a great job of explaining it all to the uninitiated.

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