You all know how I love a good milestone or anniversary. The little letter that traveled around the world is 2 years old today, and I am so grateful for the awareness and advocacy opportunities it has brought me! Recently, the amazing media and public relations team at The University of Kansas Health System invited me into the studio to record a video version of my letter. It was a very powerful experience for me since it had been a very long time since I had even read it — and (if you’ll allow me a quick humble brag) I was still just as proud of it as I was on day one when I wrote it all out in about 20 minutes during my kids’ naptime on a random Sunday afternoon, just a few months after I was diagnosed. I’ve grown as a person a million times over since that day, but the feelings are still the same. Wouldn’t change a word.

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The letter has reached millions of people in 176 countries, translated in at least 3 languages that I know of, and has been seen on several media outlets. See where it’s traveled here.

This post originally appeared on Here Comes the Sun. It is republished with permission.