I spent a lot of time in my life needing to be rewarded and/or doing things for the purpose of benefiting ME or my family. Not very humble, I know.

This year, I have been able to experience a complete change in my drive and emotions. I went from wanting to be, “Hi, I am Lisa and I am the person to rock this / that etc.…” to “Hi, I am Lisa — how can I help others?” From my trip to Italy and feeling that I need to help others and be able to move someplace where I can afford to be focused on others and not on my bottom line (check out my house, it is for sale, want to buy it?) to my trip to Tennessee with Compassion That Compel’s Repurpose Conference and seeing again first hand how much people need survivorship help for the life after cancer.

Before my trip to Europe, I was stuck on just one free online course and trying like heck to figure out a way to monetize my nonprofit and to be able to make it into a career. What I learned instead and was inspired to do is to live a life of service and to make the offerings free, to focus instead on giving and giving instead of a strategy for taking — for me, personally. I was able to launch 5 more classes and an online writer’s workshop — ALL FOR FREE, and not the kind of free that is 30 minutes of “fluff” and 20 minutes of a pitch to get you to spend money on the REAL class, but actual REAL CLASSES with REAL LESSONS and ALL FOR FREE.

With over 15 years’ experience creating curriculum and teaching online and in person the offerings available here are lesson based education with easy bite-sized courses with actionable next steps to implement these new learnings in your life immediately. Check out the services and learning programs offered below and check out the press release here. ​

The nonprofit website is balanceaftercancer.org; online learning program can also be reached at bacfonlinelearning.org.