In my 12+ years of dealing with prostate cancer, I’ve heard a lot of theories about what causes it and what actions we can take to control or slow its growth—some of them legitimate, some at the very end of the weirdness spectrum.

I found this 7-minute video from 2019 to be pretty interesting considering how many times I’ve heard that sugar is related to the cancer growth. According to this, sugar in and of itself has little to no impact on prostate cancer growth (but may have an impact on other cancers). I’m guessing that a quick Dr. Google search would reveal other videos or studies with differing viewpoints, so take this with a grain of salt. (See what I did there???)

We all have to recognize that there are going to be differing opinions. We just have to make decisions based on what’s best for us and our own situations.

This post originally appeared February 21, 2023, on Dan’s Journey Through Prostate Cancer. It is republished with permission.