Do you know how to write the perfect resume? Something that makes the HR folk or Computer Algorithm say “hmmmm” and put you in the to be called (or emailed) pile? If a person looks at your #resume they spent about 3 seconds on it and one thing everyone hates to do is look at a resume and see:

  • too much text
  • an “old” or “sexy” email (think aol or hotmom3 …)

It sucks because so many of us definitely have the 3rd thing … we all took time off or got fired or laid off and now with the whole chronological resume thing, it’s glaring right there sooo obvious we missed time from our career and the question is, “why?” But most likely it becomes, “why bother?” to the HR or hiring folks.

I am going to tell you a hard truth — it IS (usually) easier to find a job when you HAVE a job.

For most of us after treatment (or during as some of us are lifers with stage 4 or continuing treatments with clinical trials — I am on month 10 of a 24 month trial) if our doctors think we are well enough to work — and as we all know those bills don’t stop just because our bodies failed us — it is time to get back out there but for most of us, our bodies DID fail us and we still feel “off” in different ways. The best thing to try to feel normal again is to rock out our job search but helllloooo our resumes are old our hair is chemocut our bodies are different — where do we even begin???

Well, you begin behind your computer screen (for now) and watch my #free training that takes you through how to write that perfect resume — did you know you should:

  • not put your address on your resume? (I tell you why …)
  • have the best things about you right at the top — no fooling don’t just go name, address, experience — put your uniqueness up there share YOUR amazing qualities right at the top in a … (watch the video to find out)
  • fill in those #blankspaces like only a fellow #cancer person who also happens to have written BOOKS on how to write resumes and helped 1,000s of people through my small business @thenext_step123 do it :) …

Seriously, check out the video below for my free training and if you want to get a copy of the template, send me a note at or sign up at Career After Cancer. The video is only 30 minutes, less time than Netflix — check it out and let me know what you think!