Jeff Neurman

Jeff Neurman was, for the first 40 years of his life, a normal person leading a good, but still normal, life. That all changed when he was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Throughout the trials and travails of this experience, Jeff has fortunately been able to rely on two vital assets: First and foremost, his beautiful wife, two wonderful sons and his trusty Golden Retriever, Casey. Second, and almost as important, Jeff has been able to count on one thing that cancer has not been able to steal from him—his sense of humor—to find a means of dealing with the insanity that such a diagnosis entails. When not joking with his oncology nurses, Jeff sits at his computer, typing away his observations about the ludicrousness of so much of what happens to one with cancer. These musings have been published on various sites, including The Mighty, and Elephants & Tea. In addition, Jeff maintains his own blog at Jeff also co-hosts a podcast with a close friend and fellow cancer-ite, entitled Guys With Cancer—The Podcast You Never Knew You Needed. If any time is left, Jeff may be found either practicing law or just taking a nap.



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