Generic Name: azacitidine

Pronunciation: N/A

Abbreviation: N/A

Other Market Name: N/A

Drug Class: Chemotherapy Medications

Company: Celgene

Approval Status: Approved

Generic Version Available: No

Experimental Code: N/A

Drug Indication

Onureg (azacitidine) is a nucleoside analog approved for continued treatment of people with acute myeloid leukemia who achieved complete remission following induction chemotherapy.

General Info

Onureg is a cytidine nucleoside analog that inhibits cancer cell multiplication. In the QUAZAR trial, which enrolled people who achieved complete remission after intensive induction chemotherapy but were unable to finish curative therapy, patients treated with Onureg had an overall survival of 24.7 months compared with 14.8 months in the placebo arm. It was first approved in September 2020.


Dosing Info:

Onureg is a tablet taken once daily for two weeks in each monthly cycle. Onureg tablets should not be substituted for injectable or intravenous formulations of azacitidine (sold as Vidaza).

Side Effects

Common adverse reactions include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, fatigue, weakness, decreased appetite, neutropenia, dizziness, joint pain and pain in the extremities. More serious adverse events include depletion of blood cells, which can lead to infections. Onureg can cause fetal harm if used during pregnancy.

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Last Reviewed: September 4, 2020