Clinical Research & Biomarkers

EuroSciCon extends its warm welcome to all its participants to Clinical Research & Biomarkers 2019 scheduled on March 4-5, 2019 at Amsterdam, Netherlands with a theme “The Current Aspects and The Future of Clinical Research and Biomarkers". EuroSciCon organizes Global Events with Conferences, Symposiums and Workshops on Medical, Pharma, Engineering, Science, Technology and Business. 


We gladly welcome attendees all around the world for the hearing of the foremost recent innovations and inventions in the field of Clinical Research and Biomarkers. This Conference will provide a forum for exchange of ideas and authoritative views by leading scientists, industry specialists and from the academicians of the best institutes from around the globe. Outstanding keynote speakers and well known leading scientists and experts from around the globe will be expected to share their knowledge and talk about various aspects related to various frontiers in the field if Biomarkers and Clinical Research.    

Our aspiration is to gather peer researchers, young scientists, academicians & industrialists to meet, discuss and share the knowledge that’s still more to be revealed. Gain and grab the knowledge. Conferences and symposia provide unlimited opportunities to strengthen the community and are also the collective body of knowledge.  We cordially encourage you to attend and contribute to one of the major events of 2019 on the field of Clinical Research and Biomarkers.  The conference will reveal the present and future aspects in the field of Clinical Research and Biomarkers which are the need of the hour for instant and précised treatment.

Conference Topics:

  • Biomarkers & Research
  • Role of Biomarkers in Translational Science
  • Precision Medicine & Clinical Diagnostics
  • Biomarker Assay Validation & Patient Stratification            
  • Biomarker Clinical Trials & Developments
  • Biomarker Development - Omics Technologies
  • Biomarkers for non-invasive diagnostics
  • Biomarkers in Drug Discovery
March 4 ‐ March 5, 2019
Amsterdam, Netherlands





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