Fans for the Cure Women’s Support Group

This women’s group is a free, online way for Fans for the Cure to support women who are journeying with men dealing with a prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment, or recovery.

Fans for the Cure provides a platform for women to share experiences, support each other, and benefit from the company of other women who are also on journeys with prostate cancer. To be clear, these support groups are not formal therapy or counseling. They are a way for women to gather virtually and informally to engage in conversations and support one another.

A Group for Women, Hosted by Women

Our experience with the men’s group has made it clear that getting together with a group made up of only men can at times provide the space and comfort that allows men to share candidly with each other. We understand and embrace this dynamic, which is why our Women’s Support Group welcomes women only and is hosted by a woman, Karen Shaffer. A keynote speaker at the charity’s 2017 gala, Karen is a longtime friend of Fans for the Cure.

January 18, 2022


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