Steve Garvey

Best known for playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Garvey was nothing if not consistent: six 200-hit seasons in seven years, five 100-RBI seasons, seven .300-plus seasons and four Gold Gloves. He holds the National League record for consecutive games played with 1,207 games.


In 2012, Garvey was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had his prostate removed just one month after his diagnosis.


“Men talking about prostate cancer is the best way to defeat it,” Garvey says. “Prostate cancer treatment has the highest degree of success if detected early. I will always give credit to the information I received from Fans for the Cure that emphasized PSA [prostate-specific antigen] testing. It simply saved my life.”

Since 2015, Garvey has served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fans for the Cure.