Celebrities with cancer connections caught our attention in 2021. Some candidly revealed aspects of their cancer journeys, including Shannen Doherty, Christiane Amanpour and Kathy Griffin. Gwyneth Paltrow got noticed for giving bad advice for skin cancer protection, while Jamie Foxx went public by giving life-saving advice to encourage colorectal cancer screening. Some celebrity deaths, Rush Limbaugh and Norm MacDonald, shone a light on specific cancers: lung cancer and leukemia, respectively. 

But we also found dietary prevention compelling, including the potential protective effects of mushrooms and the dangers of sugary drinks. COVID-19 and cancer connections got our attention, including possible breast cancer misdiagnosis due to the COVID-19 vaccine. We were interested in complementary medicine, promising new blood tests to diagnose cancer and a different one for prostate cancer’s spread, plus a profile of a woman treated with heated chemotherapy for colon cancer. Readers wanted to know about pain management and keeping a job post-cancer. And sex fascinated us, in this case, the link between oral sex and oral cancer. May cancer stories in 2022 continue to fascinate, ideally with news of cures and resilience.

Here are the Cancer Health news stories with the most views in 2021:

1. Jamie Foxx Encourages At-Risk Minorities to Get Screened for Colorectal Cancer
Posted: March 22

2. Shannen Doherty Shares Candid Breast Cancer Photos On Instagram
Posted: October 12

3. Rush Limbaugh Has Died From Lung Cancer
Posted: February 17

4. Enlarged Lymph Nodes After COVID-19 Vaccine May Be Mistaken for Cancer Metastasis
Posted: March 8

5. Oncologists Underestimate the Number of Breast Cancer Patients Who Use Complementary Medicine
Posted: June 28

6. Blood Test for Multi-Cancer Screening Has Impressive Success Rate
Posted: July 12

7. New Guidelines For Basal Cell Cancer
Posted: October 14

8. CNN Anchor Christiane Amanpour Announces Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis
Posted: June 17

9. Why Did Kathy Griffin Skip Painkillers After Painful Lung Cancer Surgery?
Posted: August 23

10. Oral Sex Increases Oral Cancer Risk by 80%
Posted: January 20

11. Pain Management Getting Worse for Patients With Terminal Cancer
Posted: August 5

12. Heated Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer Spread To The Abdomen: One Woman’s Story
Posted: October 12

13. Consuming Sugary Drinks May Double Colon Cancer Risk in Young Women
Posted: May 17

14. Norm MacDonald’s Death Puts Spotlight on Acute Leukemia
Posted: September 24

15. Will You Be Able to Keep Your Job Post-Cancer?
Posted: February 16

16. DPD Blood Test Predicts Odds of Severe Chemo Side Effects
Posted: January 4

17. Mushrooms May Help Prevent Cancer
Posted: May 3

18. Gastrointestinal Symptoms Are Common in People With Cancer and COVID-19
Posted: January 19

19. New Test Locates Prostate Cancer’s Spread
Posted: January 6

20. Applying Sunscreen à La Gwyneth Paltrow Could Put You at Risk for Skin Cancer
Posted: April 5