Cancer Health readers showed interest in a broad range of topics in 2023. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has receded and the public health emergency ended in May, COVID remains a concern for people with cancer, especially the persistent condition known as long COVID (No. 1).

Several top stories addressed the basic science behind cancer development, progression and treatment (Nos. 4, 12, 19). New therapies were highlighted, including antibody-drug conjugates (No. 10), targeted therapies (Nos. 3, 6) and immunotherapy (Nos. 11, 13, 14), all of which were featured prominently at major cancer conferences this year. Researchers reported progress on cancer vaccines, with promising new data on mRNA vaccines for melanoma and pancreatic cancer (No. 8) and a DNA vaccine for breast cancer (No. 9).

This year’s list reflects a trend toward reducing treatment to lessen side effects and lower cost (No. 5). For example, researchers at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium reported that some women with breast cancer can safely skip radiation. Quality of life was also a key theme, with stories covering the benefits of exercise (No. 7), sexual health for women with breast cancer (No. 16) and cannabis to relieve brain fog and improve sleep (No. 17).

A look back at the most widely read science and treatment news we covered this year.

1. Study Identifies Features of Long COVID Neurological Symptoms
Posted: May 5

2. Many Elderly People with Advanced Cancer Receive Aggressive End-of-Life Care
Posted: May 4

3. Dual-Action Drug Produces Positive Results in Patients with Advanced Neuroendocrine Tumors
Posted: November 2

4. Delivering Oxygen to Tumors May Be Key in Overcoming Radiation Resistance
Posted: July 28

5. How Long Do Lung Cancer Patients Need to Stay on Immunotherapy?
Posted: June 29

6. Kidney Cancer Study Shows Improved Outcomes for Patients Treated With Welireg
Posted: October 22

7. Can Exercise Lower the Risk of Cancer Metastasis?
Posted: April 6

8. mRNA Cancer Vaccines Advance to Next Stage of Clinical Trials
Posted: August 10

9. Breast Cancer Vaccine Looks Promising in Early Study
Posted: February 2

10. Elahere Antibody-Drug-Conjugate Leads to Remission of Ovarian Cancer
Posted: February 5

11. HIV-Positive People With Lymphoma Can Be Treated With CAR-T Therapy
Posted: January 4

12. New Clinical Tool Identifies Patients at High Risk for Blood Cancer
Posted: January 5

13. First-Line Keytruda Plus Chemotherapy May Benefit Patients with Advanced Biliary Tract Cancers
Posted: April 18

14. Killing Pancreatic Cancer with T Cells that Supercharge Themselves
Posted: January 18

15. More Aggressive Treatment for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Doesn’t Impact Quality of Life
Posted: October 16

16. Addyi Improves Sexual Health for Women With Breast Cancer
Posted: June 13

17. Cannabis May Ease ’Chemo Brain’ and Improve Sleep
Posted: June 17

18. Streamlined Lung Cancer Trial Begins Enrolling Patients
Posted: April 17

19. Researchers Identify Key Source of T Cell “Exhaustion”
Posted: April 6

20. Colonoscopy Rates Are Low Following Positive Stool Tests for Colon Cancer
Posted: February 17