American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society offers a range of information about exercise before, during and after treatment. These include benefits of regular exercise, such as improved muscle strength, stamina, better sleep and increased appetite. Whether your goal is to become active before treatment or to build strength during recovery, the website provides evidence-based physical activity recommendations for people affected by cancer and offers helpful exercise tips. Search under “Exercise.”

American Society of Clinical Oncology

The patient information website run by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the world’s largest cancer organization, provides expert-written articles on many aspects of fitness. Learn how exercise can reduce the side effects of surgery and treatment, such as fatigue or neuropathy, and improve balance. There are articles about exercise and specific cancers (including prostate, breast and lung), how to start and commit to an exercise program and how to get exercise support. Search under “Exercise.”

Cancer Exercise Training Institute

A global leader in oncology exercise since 1995, the Cancer Exercise Training Institute has trained over 15,000 cancer exercise specialists in 50 countries. An easy-to-use global directory helps people locate oncology-certified exercise trainers for their specific needs. The institute also offers a free resource library, which it regularly expands. 

American College of Sports Medicine

With more than 50,000 members and certified professionals from 90 countries, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) aims to inspire everyone to be active. The organization recently updated its physical activity guidelines for people with cancer and offers downloadable PDFs, infographics and articles covering, for example, different types of training (strength, aerobic, resistance, etc.) and exercise for cancer prevention and treatment. Search under “Cancer.”

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Run by a major cancer research center, MD Anderson Cancer Center answers the why of adding physical activity to your daily routine and offers a sample five-day exercise plan that includes moderate activities, such as aerobic dance classes, bicycling and fast-paced walking. The center suggests gradually building up stamina and offers ways you can stay motivated and achieve the benefits of exercise, including maintaining a healthy weight and supporting healthy digestion. Search under “Physical Activity.”

Moving Through Cancer

Moving Through Cancer, run by ACSM, applies evidence-based science and clinical resources to educate people with cancer, their families, health care providers and survivors about the benefits of regular physical activity. Its easily searchable database and directory allow professionals and patients to find trained professionals and programs in their areas—whether in a medical setting, a community-based facility or at home.