My main goal this month is, as always, health and happiness. I think that health is the reason for happiness full stop. You do not realize that until your health is compromised or damaged through an illness etc.

I want to be a better, more present parent — but not by going back to being uber-mom, just more focused on the kids and more in charge of their schedules at least — we have had bedtime creep for so long, it has to end now. As my kids get older, they need more sleep but want less — it is a bad situation to have grumpy, tired pre-teens all around the house!

Of course, I want to sell my home. It is a challenging thing almost like dating in a way. The stress, do people like me, why don’t they like me, are they coming to visit / take me out, etc. — well, I mean what do I know I have not dated since 2001 but the point is that there are a ton of emotions around selling your home that I just did not think about in advance. Compound those emotions with the fact that I FEEL things more strongly now and you have a recipe of potential disaster. I know when I was in Italy with Padre Pio, I got the message loud and clear that it was time to move and to live a life of service but I also know that sometimes, things change and that I cannot worry I just have to let go and let God. (It is NOT that easy but I am trying.)

I want to have a better sense of what I want to do with my nonprofit and figure out how to make my small business profitable. If things change with the house selling status, how can I make it work without figuring out my income component which will not ever be the nonprofit — my nonprofit is based off of serving others more than serving myself and my bottom line. Everything I offer there is FREE — really free, not watch this fluff video and spend 20 minutes of a hard sell to pay for the real class “free.”

I want to make more time for myself and self-care — for writing, for lounging, for being with friends, and I want to balance out the needs of my extended family with my needs.

I want to remember to not let other people’s actions affect me as much as I sometimes do — I want to remember everyone is fighting their own battles and I need to focus on centering myself on health and happiness.

I guess that is enough for April — what are your intentions?