You all may have noticed that my blog posts have been less frequent these past few months. Recently I moved across the country from the Phoenix valley to Atlanta, GA, and things have been a bit of a whirlwind for me. I plan to get back to posting more frequently as things start settling down again. But for now here’s a bit on a recent study that was published I wanted to share with you.

A recent study from US Davis found that people who use social media to promote facts for cancer prevention are more effective than those who shared personal stories. This was a bit of a surprise to me! These findings were published in the Preventative Medicine Journal by Jingwen Zhang, PhD, et al. Zhang is the lead author and is an assistant professor of communication at UC Davis. Zhang and the team found that hospital, public health organizations, and other reputable resources can use social media to promote preventative care messages successfully. When I saw this study published it was confirmation for me as to why I do this! The most interesting part of the study I thought was the finding that stories on social media could be shared many times, but often it was the messages with facts that were simple and clear actually got the most shares. For more about the study, read here.

This post originally appeared on Survivors’ Table. It is republished with permission.