Friends and Family,

Frozen in time. Those are the words my oncologist used to describe my latest CT scan yesterday. As in, “You’re CT scan looks exactly like it did the last time. It’s as if it was frozen in time.” And while Genevieve and I couldn’t be happier getting the best news imaginable, the words struck me as off the mark.

It’s because although my scan may look frozen in time, I feel anything but that way. Over these past three months, while most people have been talking about being stuck in neutral while they stay at home, this feels like a time of real growth. Between YouTube yoga and hour-long hill-climbing walks with Genevieve every day, as well as YouTube workout videos every other day, I feel like we are both in the best shape we have ever been (relative to our age, of course!)

I’ve also been refining my smoothies to kick cancer in the keister (has a nice ring to it) even better. Getting projects done. Taking a writing workshop. Transitioning into semi-retirement. Does that sound like being “frozen in time?”

And then I realize that, while these growth-oriented changes may all be helping me to fight cancer, there is one critical part that has never changed since I was first diagnosed almost fourteen years ago. The number one reason I believe I am still alive is because of the constant love and support you all have given me, and which I am trying to give right back to you.

I hope that part stays “frozen in time.”



This post originally appeared on Dann’s Cancer Chronicles on June 17, 2020. It is republished with permission.