Recently I was invited for an interview on the Pancreatic Cancer Warriors Podcast with host Amy Dullard. She was diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer in 2017 at 39 years old, and is a senior software engineer for Microsoft. She has a remarkable story as most cancer survivors are diagnosed at the age of 71 with this type of tumor. More surprisingly, most of the risk factors for pancreatic cancer did not apply to her. Her personal journey inspired her to start her podcast to help those with pancreatic cancer find resources. She received a chemotherapy combination called FOLFIRINOX, radiation therapy, and surgery (a Whipple surgery more specifically). Amy started her podcast in hopes to reach people like her. She also manages the Facebook page Pancreatic Cancer Warriors. She is now what oncologists refer to as NED—No Evidence of Disease!

In this podcast discussion we talk about common side effects from treatment and what you can do about it through nutrition, when it may be appropriate to start pancreatic enzymes, and the importance of good nutrition throughout your cancer journey. For more tune in to our discussion.

This post originally appeared on Survivors’ Table. It is republished with permission.