MRA’s Melanoma Exchange Patient Forum, held in-person in Washington DC and virtually on March 9, 2022, brought together hundreds of melanoma patients, survivors, advocates, and their loved ones to provide lay-friendly, state-of-the-science education, promote collaboration, and provided networking opportunities across the melanoma community.

Throughout the event, participants heard from leading experts in the melanoma field and had the opportunity to ask questions, discuss, and network with other people who are going through their own melanoma journey. Each session provided information, insight, and strategies to help navigate melanoma diagnosis, treatment, or beyond.

Opening Remarks from the 2022 MRA Patient Forum

Session 1: Biomarkers Lighting the Way

Session 2: One Step at a Time: A Melanoma Journey

Session 3: Step-by-Step: Living with Melanoma: A Panel Conversation

Session 4: On the Horizon: Emerging Therapies to Watch 

Session 5: Staying on the Path: Prevention for the Melanoma Community

This post was originally published March 16, 2022, by the Melanoma Research Alliance. It is republished with permission.