Generic Name: vemurafenib

Pronunciation: N/A

Abbreviation: N/A

Other Market Name: N/A

Drug Class: Targeted Therapy Medications

Company: Genentech

Approval Status: Approved

Generic Version Available: No

Experimental Code: N/A

Drug Indication

Zelboraf is a kinase inhibitor approved for inoperable or metastatic melanoma with BRAF V600E mutations and Erdheim-Chester Disease with BRAF V600 mutations.

General Info

Zelboraf is a kinase inhibitor that targets cancers with BRAF V600 mutations. The BRAF gene encodes an enzyme that plays a role in tumor development.

Clinical studies showed that Zelboraf delayed disease progression and improved overall survival compared with chemotherapy in people with previously untreated inoperable or metastatic melanoma with BRAF V600E mutations. About half of people with previously treated advanced melanoma experienced remission. Zelboraf was first approved in 2011.


Dosing Info:

Zelboraf is taken as a twice-daily tablet with or without food.

Side Effects

Common side effects include fatigue, nausea, skin rash, itching, photosensitivity, hair loss and joint pain. Potential serious side effects may include new malignancies, severe hypersensitivity reactions, heart rhythm abnormalities, eye problems, liver toxicity and kidney failure. Zelboraf can cause fetal harm if used during pregnancy.

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Last Reviewed: August 9, 2020