I like to be open and up front about my choices and my cancer and what I do to keep my body as inhospitable to cancer as possible and a while back I wrote about my decision to take extra supplements instead of the ones the integrative medical doctor at Sloan advised me to take.

Within the last few weeks or a month, I decided that the supplements were not going to work for me personally anymore. I had my last appointment with the nutritionist in like January and it did feel as though the bloom was off the rose, if you know what I mean.

I was spending upwards of $300 per month on vitamins and supplements (it was actually more) and about $75-$100 per visit. For me, it is worth every penny if I continue to believe in what I was doing. I got the sense at my last appointment that all of the information I had been given and researched on my own were just getting too much into “maybe” territory.

It was like, well, all of these supplements are probably going out in my urine anyway and I saw no noticeable difference in my blood work in terms of my wbc or vitamin D.

I decided instead to pick and choose some of the items — so I am doing vitamin C and Melatonin (it helps me to sleep) and then using just the stuff Sloan recommended I take — Turkey Tail, DHA and probiotic and vitamin D.

I am still eating only non-processed foods, less meat, as little dairy as possible, lots of fruits and veggies and maintaining my weight at 130-135 pounds. Also, I work on not being stressed because now when I get stressed, it hurts. I also work on meditation, hypnosis and more to keep myself from worrying about things I cannot control.

​What about you? Do you use supplements? This is what I do in the time between…