Years ago I began to meditate to help me calm my ever racing mind. I had issues, and the issues involved anxiety and nerves and just being over-involved with every aspect of my life — it was fun — NOT.

After being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at 39 years old, making me a young breast cancer patient, I had to change my ways and fast. How can you face a potentially life-threatening illness while under a constant thought of anxiety that I would not survive the unknown and the uncertainty?

I had heard about the power of the mind via the Heal documentary and thought I would look to find a hypnosis that would help me feel I could keep my body cancer-free — and I know this could all be futile and that no matter what I do or did I could still have my cancer return or progress, as over 1/3 of cancer patients become metastatic no matter what — or actually the question for that is without knowing why.

My hypnosis is homemade and funny — but it does what I need it to do — it walks through every organ, every piece of my body and talks about how those all are cancer-free, no evidence of disease, no inflammation and more.

It might seem strange but I do feel the hypnosis has helped me put some fears aside — when I first created the hypnosis track I was euphoric thinking about how awesome it was to do this for my body and my health.

I also have noticed that my white blood cell count (wbc) seems to be improving despite being on a clinical trial of a drug that lowers my wbc — more on my clinical trial is coming in a future post.

What do you do to help your body and mind heal after something as traumatic as cancer? How do you try to take back control over the very things we have no control over — that which goes on inside of our bodies? Please share with me or ask me if you want to know more about my routine / plan for dealing with the whole life after cancer diagnosis. Thx! Supermom XOXO