Getting treated for cancer—or being someone’s treatment buddy—can be tedious and exhausting. At the next hours-long chemotherapy session, try propping up your tablet, e-reader or old-school book or magazine on the iBeani Tablet Stand ($27). It’s lightweight, sturdy, easily adjustable, machine washable and holds tablets of any size. No matter how you’re keeping busy during treatment, the iBeani can help ease hand, arm, neck and eye strain.

iBeani Tablet Stand

iBeani Tablet Stand

To combat stomach-churning side effects, Queasy Drops ($5.95, 21 pieces) are a must. When the inventors of Preggy Pops discovered that their product for morning sickness also was being used by people suffering from other kinds of nausea, they adapted their formula of essential oils and classic stomach soothers like ginger, cola and papaya to make a hard candy for everyone. Queasy Drops help relieve dry mouth and come in sugar-ful and sugar-free varieties. A perfect stocking stuffer!

Queasy Drops

Queasy Drops

Cancer and its treatment are stressful, whether it’s you or a loved one going through it. The Moon Organics “Try Me” Sample Travel Bag ($28) will help relieve some of that stress. The combo, which includes lemongrass/lavender hand butter with organic shea, mineral mud mask, “love your lips” lip moisturizer and a sample size of a moisturizing facial cleanser lets you care for your skin while indulging in soothing aromatherapy anytime, anywhere. 

Try Me Sample/travel Bag | MOON Esthetics

“Try Me” Sample/travel Bag | MOON EstheticsMOON Esthetics

Give the gift of quiet with CozyPhones Wireless Contour Series Sleep Headphones ($29.99). The thin speakers lie flat against your ears, the band sits comfortably around your head and the wireless design means you won’t wake up tangled in cords. The band also is wide enough to use as a sleep mask. Listen to your favorite podcast, audiobook, music or guided meditation in comfort anywhere.

CozyPhones Wireless Contour Series Sleep Headphones

Need some holiday reading? The iconic Olivia Newton-John has been an advocate for the cancer community since her first breast cancer diagnosis in 1992. Now, after 50 years of working as an actress and musician, founding the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research and Wellness Centre in 2008 and a second recurrence of the disease in 2018, she has finally written about her incredible life. In Don’t Stop Believin’ (Gallery Books, $28), she takes us from her Australian upbringing through the thrills of international stardom, detailing the many times cancer has touched her life and how her experiences made her into the fierce advocate she is today.

Don't Stop Believin'

Don’t Stop Believin’

For anyone undergoing radiation therapy, soothing, healing skin care is a must. Marjorie Newman created Recovery Skin Relief after her skin suffered during radiation therapy for breast cancer. Made for deep hydration, Radiation Ultimate Soothing Cream (3.75 oz., $14.99) relieves burning, itching skin with ingredients such as mineral oil, silicone oil and salicylic acid. 

Radiation Ultimate Soothing Cream

The holidays can be particularly difficult when you don’t have the energy to plan or cook meals. Save time and effort with a meal-prep delivery service such as Freshly, which offers healthy cooked meals you just have to heat and serve. Prices start at $8.99 per meal, and meal plans cater to vegetarian, gluten-free, high-protein and paleo diets. You can customize the number of meals you receive per week and put the service on hold whenever necessary. Or give ready-made meals to someone who could use them with a gift certificate.

Freshly meals


A clean home is a lovely gift—especially when it’s free. Cleaning For A Reason offers two free monthly house cleanings to people in treatment for cancer. The organization partners with local services across the United States and Canada and has served more than 33,000 people since 2006. Friends and loved ones can also apply on behalf of the person in their life facing cancer.

Cleaning For a Reason logo

Cleaning For A Reason

Treatment turned your life upside down? Get organized with the CanPlan Cancer Planner ($44.95). Sharon Kim designed this comprehensive system after her mother’s endometrial sarcoma diagnosis threw their lives out of whack. Undated calendar pages allow you to track your treatment, side effects, tests and results, and well-being up to a year. Blank pages give you space to record your reflections. Special inserts for appointments, treatment options and journaling will help anyone feel more on top of their lives during a difficult time.

CanPlan Cancer Planner

CanPlan Cancer Planner

Put some healing into someone’s stocking this year with Bétèrre Skin + Care. Farm-to-table chef and two-time breast cancer survivor Gina Maisano founded the company to address skin issues related to cancer treatment. Ideal for massaging into scars, the roll-on Bétèrre Scar Serum (0.3 fl. oz., $26) blends arnica, hemp, sea buckthorn and other botanicals with vitamins C and E. The complete Bétèrre line includes cruelty-free, nontoxic face, body and hair products.