After the diagnosis, the fear and confusion, the treatments, the side effects—the whole emotional roller coaster of the cancer experience—there’s the promise of a new life.

It’s a different life—cancer changes you—but it can be a good one. That’s what Bryon Daily (“Second Acts”) discovered after his treatment for multiple myeloma. He found a new purpose.

The best life possible for people affected by cancer is the theme of our third annual list, Cancer Health 25: Quality of Life. These remarkable individuals are pioneers in acupuncture, sleep medicine, heart health, sexual health, side effects relief, palliative care, yoga, exercise, fertility, legal rights, health equity, financial lifelines and more.

Sometimes a new life requires confronting deep fears. New York City actress Erin Cronican (Voices), who has metastatic breast cancer, discovered that onstage, playing a character who has metastatic ovarian cancer in the play Wit.

Sometimes, it’s about moving on. When retired firefighter and farmer Jeff Meckstroth (Diary) was first diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer, all he and his wife could think about was the worst. But he’s surviving. And one day, he just decided to live in the present—and the future.

Adam Hayden (Life With Cancer), who lives with brain cancer, is an amazing patient advocate, but—inspired by comedian Jerry Seinfeld—he’s ready for a whole new chapter in his own life now.

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