Cancer Health Spring 2021

Cancer Health Spring 2021

In every issue, you’ll find cutting-edge health information and the hottest topics of interest to people with cancer and their loved ones.

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Heidi Yates

A Cancer You Can’t Cut Out

Heidi Yates, who has chronic lymphocytic leukemia, has the grit it takes to fight for a good life with chronic blood cancer.

illustration of hand holding light bulb over head shapes and cogs

The Next Cancer Breakthroughs

An inside look at five research developments that have the potential to transform the treatment of cancer

Editor’s Letter

Behind the Breakthroughs

The theme of this issue is the science underlying advances in cancer care and treatment.

Care & Treatment

woman making shape of heart with her hands

Fecal Transplants Boost Immunotherapy

Altering gut bacteria may help overcome resistance to checkpoint inhibitors in people with melanoma and other cancers.

vials of blood with red tops

Blood Test for Colon Cancer

A personalized blood test can detect colon cancer recurrence sooner than scans.

illustration of lungs

Sotorasib Shrinks Lung Cancer

More than 80% of lung cancer patients treated with the targeted therapy experienced remission or had stable disease.

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Cancer Mortality Drops

The decrease is largely due to improved lung cancer treatment, but the impact of COVID-19 is not yet known.

approved stamp in red

Now Approved

Here are latest cancer drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

hands with blue gloved filling a syringe from a vial of vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccines for Cancer Patients

The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and should be effective even for people with advanced cancer.

Messenger RNA or mRNA strand 3D rendering illustration

mRNA Vaccines for Cancer

COVID-19 vaccine’s mRNA technology could one day help treat cancer.

Cancer News

Ann Ogden Gaffney

Cook for Your Life

Ann Ogden Gaffney never set out to launch a cooking website for people living with cancer.

colorful illustration of a heart

Statins Protect Heart After Breast Cancer

Cholesterol-lowering meds may reduce cardiotoxic chemotherapy side effects in women with early breast cancer.

Survivorship Care for Healthy Living

New Healthy Survival Guides

A new resource for survivors helps guide life after cancer diagnosis and treatment.

battery operated fan

Fans Fight Breathlessness

Breathlessness is a common symptom of advanced metastatic cancer.

Keesha Sharp

Keesha Sharp Honors Her Mom

Since her mother died of pancreatic cancer, actress Keesha Sharp wants to teach others about the robust research on the disease’s treatment.


Michael Kovarik

Soul Awareness

Retired schoolteacher Michael Kovarik, 64, lives with his partner on their farm in Greenwich, New York. He has metastatic breast cancer.


illustration arrows pointing at a target

Radiation Therapy

Innovative approaches can kill tumor cells more effectively and with fewer side effects.


Erica Campbell

A Hodgkin Lymphoma Diary: Erica Campbell

When Erica Campbell, age 35, was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin lymphoma, she could barely stand.

Your Team

cardiologist Michael Fradley, MD

Care of the Heart

Cardiologist Michael Fradley, MD, is the medical director of the Penn Medicine Cardio-Oncology Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

How To

black woman looking at and touching her face in the mirror

Caring for Your Skin

Minimize side effects, soothe skin and speed recovery from radiation therapy.


womans hands holding illlustration on intestines

Colorectal Cancer

Whether you are newly diagnosed, are on treatment or are a survivor, family member or caregiver, these resources can help.

Good Stuff

Getting Healthy

Just in time for spring: gadgets, gear, products and stories to help heal your mind, body and spirit

Life With Cancer

Siri Lindley

My Healing Angel

Siri Lindley, 51, a former world-class triathlete, lives with her wife in Longmont, Colorado. She was treated for acute myeloid leukemia.


illustration cancer patient oncology

Treatment Choices

Tell us about your treatment experience.

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Cancer Health Spring 2021 cover

Cancer Health Spring 2021

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