Cancer Health Winter 2020

Cancer Health Winter 2020

In every issue, you’ll find cutting-edge health information and the hottest topics of interest to people with cancer and their loved ones.

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Willie Underwood, MD

Turning the Tables

A prominent urologist spent decades treating patients and researching racial disparities in prostate cancer. Then he got diagnosed.

Unequal Care

Black men are less likely to be screened for prostate cancer and, when diagnosed, less likely to receive treatment.

illustration of DNA Strands

The Pancancer Paradigm

New site-agnostic therapies highlight the importance of genetic testing.

Piro Lito, MD, PhD

Expanding the Net to Catch More Cancer

To take advantage of these new therapies, people must first learn whether their cancer harbors targetable mutations.

illustration of back pain

When Cancer Pain Won’t Go Away

Non-opioid treatments and complementary approaches can help, but don’t fear using opioids when they are needed.

Don Stanathan Lung cancer advocate

Fulfilling a Promise

Lung cancer advocate Don Stranathan takes on the No. 1 cancer killer.

Editor’s Letter

Bob Barnett

Get Your Life Back

Finding your way to the best life you can have now is a personal journey.

Cancer News

accupuncture needles

Got Pain? Can’t Sleep? Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been shown to relieve cancer-related insomnia.


Moving Through Cancer

Experts say that exercise should be the standard treatment for people with cancer.

puppy and kitten

A Helping Paw

A new pet assistance and wellness program helps people with cancer keep up with the many demands of pet guardianship.

womans abdomone with digestive tract drawn of abdomine

Should You Take—or Avoid—Probiotics?

Patients who take probiotics are less likely to respond immunotherapy.


Jim Allison: Breakthrough

The new documentary follows the pioneering researcher who work helped created checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy.

Care & Treatment

scientist lab lungs research

Immunotherapy Boosts Lung Cancer Survival

Longer-term follow-up shows improved overall survival with Keytruda or Opdivo.

cross section of male anatomy

PARP Med Slows Prostate Cancer

First targeted therapy may prolong survival of men with advanced prostate cancer.


It’s Not Too Late to Quit

Experts call for smoking cessation after cancer diagnosis

stethoscope pink ribbon

Breast Cancer Risk Recommendations

Task force recommends BRCA screening for women at increased cancer risk

HEP C Virus Particle illustration

18 to 79

All adults in this age range should be screen for hepatitis C.


Yolanda Bunson-Sarrabo

What Fitness Gives Me

Yolanda Brunson-Sarrabo, CPT, NASM, is the author of “Another Face of Multiple Myeloma.”

Amy Berman with members of the Sami people, indigenous to northern Scandinavia

Riding With Reindeer

Amy Berman, RN, who has Stage IV breast cancer, works to improve care for older adults.


prostate bladder illustration

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Treatment depends on how advanced the cancer is when detected and whether it has spread elsewhere in the body.


Emily Garnett

A Breast Cancer Diary: Emily Garnett

Emily Garnett, 34, is a mom, wife and lawyer turned writer and podcast host living with metastatic breast cancer in the New York City area.

Your Team

Cecilia Lau, RPh pharmacist

Your Own Cancer Drug Expert

Cecilia Lau, RPh, BCOP, APh, is a board-certified oncology pharmacist at City of Hope.


illustration of lungs

Lung Cancer Resources

After a lung cancer diagnosis, you need education, support from peers and counselors, access to care and help with finances. Start here.

Good Stuff

Warm Your Heart

Some items to offer comfort from the winter chill

Life With Cancer

Dulcimer Harmonies

Gary and Janice Brunk, of Sapulpa, Oklahoma, fill the oncology clinic with sweet sounds.


doctors and nurses consulting with patients illustration


Who is part of your cancer health team?

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Cancer Health Winter 2020

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