Cancer Health Summer 2021

Cancer Health Summer 2021

In every issue, you’ll find cutting-edge health information and the hottest topics of interest to people with cancer and their loved ones.

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Michael Whitley

Engineering His Recovery

Michael Whitley, 43, has a can-do attitude that helps him navigate a complex path through metastatic kidney cancer.

The Cancer Health 25 logo

The Cancer Health 25: Black Lives Matter

These remarkable individuals are breaking down racial barriers to better cancer care.

Editor’s Letter

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Health Equity

Everyone with cancer deserves state-of-the-art care and a chance to live the best life possible.

Care & Treatment

Get Cancer Screenings Back on Track

Cancer screenings have dropped precipitously due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Acupuncture Needles

Acupuncture Relieves Chronic Cancer Pain

The need for better pain management for cancer survivors is urgent.

Epstein-Barr virus illustration

Can Viruses Help Treat Cancer?

It’s well known that some viruses can cause cancer—but others are cancer killers.

FDA Reconsiders Accelerated Approvals

The Food and Drug Administration created its accelerated approval program to enable more rapid approval of therapies for serious conditions.

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Now Approved

Here are the latest new cancer drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration.


Safer Immunotherapy

Alexandra-Chloé Villani, PhD, and her team tackle a perplexing issue—the adverse side effects of immunotherapy drugs.

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Top Apps

Recommendations from The National Foundation for Cancer Research

Rikako Ikee

After Leukemia, Olympics

Two years after she was diagnosed with leukemia, champion swimmer Rikako Ikee qualified for the 2021 Summer Olympics.

Hand crushing box of cigarettes

Lung Cancer Screening

Current or former heavy smokers are advised to undergo CT scan screening to detect cancer early.

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Myth Buster: Can a Biopsy Spread Cancer?

Seeding—the transfer of tumor cells from a dislodged biopsy needle—is not impossible but very rare.


Kelly Shanahan


Kelly Shanahan, MD, 61, is a wife, mother, daughter and doctor living with metastatic breast cancer in South Lake Tahoe, California.


kidney illustration

Kidney Cancer Treatment

Several new medications for kidney cancer have been approved in recent years.


Artist Robert DesJarlait

A Colon Cancer Diary

Native American artist and writer Robert DesJarlait is a member of the Red Lake Ojibwe tribe and a colon cancer survivor and advocate.

Life With Cancer

Sonia Dolinger

Youngish With Cancer

Sonia Dolinger runs a meal delivery business and fundraises for cancer research. She has chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Your Team

Mark Courtney, RRT

Breathing Better

Respiratory therapist Mark Courtney, RRT, is a manager of the American Lung Association’s Lung HelpLine.

Good Stuff

Tillamook Ice Cream

Finally, Summer!

Plan a trip, manage treatment side effects, eat something delicious and nourish your spirit.


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Melanoma Skin Cancer Resources

New treatments have improved outcomes for this cancer. Find out the latest info, get support and connect with survivors.

How To

jet flying over sky palm trees travel

Travel With Cancer

A getaway might be just what the doctor ordered.


illustration hands multi racial stehoscope

Equity in Care

Let us know about your experience with equity in health care.

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