Cancer Health Spring 2019

Cancer Health Spring 2019

In every issue, you’ll find cutting-edge health information and the hottest topics of interest to people with cancer and their loved ones.

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Florence Kurttila Colon Cancer Advocate

Becoming an Advocate

Florence Kurttila brings a patient’s insights to the world of colon cancer research.

Kimberly Holiday-Coleman Cancer Health Ostomy

Living Well With an Ostomy

An ostomy is an abdominal opening created by surgery that diverts bodily waste into an external bag or pouch.

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Taking the Lead

A new breed of patient advocate is reshaping the future of cancer research.

Editor’s Letter

From Patient to Advocate

People currently living with cancer, survivors and their loved ones can all be effective advocates.

Cancer News

elderly woman having yoga lesson outside with insturctor

Cancer-Friendly Spas

Wellness for Cancer is a spa for people living with cancer.

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Social Media Pros and Cons

Social media connects people with cancer. But it can also be factually unreliable and unsupportive.

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Websites Worth Watching

Check out these cancer websites.

woman parting curtains of window in the morning

Shine a Light for Better Sleep

Exposure to natural light or bright light therapy can lead to well-needed rest among people with cancer.

Care & Treatment

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Preventing Breast Cancer Recurrence

Kadcyla reduces the risk of breast cancer recurring and spreading after surgery.

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Breast Conservation

Women who had breast-conserving surgery rather than mastectomy report better quality of life.

Scott Kopetz, MD, PDH

GI Cancer Roundup

A third of patients taking neoadjuvant Opdivo for inoperable advanced liver cancer had complete responses in an early analysis.

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Cancer Deaths Falling

The cancer death rate dropped by 27 percent over 25 years.

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New Meds for Liver Cancer

Cabometyx is the third liver cancer drug approved in the past six months.

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Boosting Trial Entry

Cancer organizations and the Food and Drug Administration want to broaden eligibility criteria for cancer clinical trials.

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Targeted Treatment for Leukemia

Imbruvica plus Gazyva is the first chemotherapy-free regimen for chronic lymphocytic leukemia.


Chelsea Dawson and her son, Lee melanoma survivor

Stay Safe in the Sun

Chelsea Dawson, an eight-year melanoma survivor, lives with her family in Roanoke, Virginia.


man and woman on park bench consoling

Sexual Health

Cancer and its treatment can lead to changes that affect sexual desire and function.

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What Is Chemo Brain?

Brain fog can have many causes including cancer itself and different types of treatment.


Adam Hayden with his son Isaac

A Brain Cancer Diary

Adam Hayden is a 36-year-old philosopher, advocate and writer who lives in Indianapolis with his wife and three sons.

Your Team

Ann Partridge MD, MPH


Ann Partridge, MD, MPH, is director of the Adult Survivorship Program at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

How To

man and woman talking to a doctor

Getting a Second Opinion

Here are eight second opinion tips.

Good Stuff

Fresh Air

Products that will put a spring in your step


group of men supporting one man smiling

Survivor Resources

Here are some groups and programs to help ease the transition from treatment to survivorship.

Life With Cancer

Jen Hodson Cancer Health

So You’re OK Now?

Diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in 2016 at age 29, Jen Hodson turned to social media to cope.


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Are you a cancer advocate?


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Cancer Health Spring 2019

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