Cancer Health Spring 2020

Cancer Health Spring 2020

In every issue, you’ll find cutting-edge health information and the hottest topics of interest to people with cancer and their loved ones.

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Denise Delatorre Cancer Health Spring 2020

Pioneering Patient

Denise Delatorre became one of the first people in the country to receive the cutting-edge cancer treatment called CAR-T therapy.

illustration of hands reaching toward sick woman

The New Palliative Care

This team-based approach can ease symptoms and improve quality of life for anyone living with cancer at any stage.

T cells (pink) attacking a cancer cell

A Shot at the Cure

We’re all familiar with vaccines that prime the immune system to prevent infections. Can a similar approach be used to fight cancer?

Editor’s Letter

A Wily Foe

Our spring issue is devoted to the theme of treatment.

Cancer News

stethoscope question mark illustration

Asking the Right Questions

Here is some practice advice for anyone diagnosed with cancer.

woman hands lap top computer

Websites Worth Watching

Some helpful websites to to look up if you or one of your loved ones is living with cancer.

Council of Dads

In this show, a man with cancer asks his six friends to be everything for his daughters once he’s diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

dried mushrooms in plastic vial

Psychedelic Therapy

This kind of therapy reduces anxiety and depression for people living with cancer.

Care & Treatment

Cancer Immunotherapy as a human immune system therapy concept as a biomedical or biomedicine oncology treatment using the natural T cell fighting properties of the body as a 3D render.

CAR-T for More Cancers

Customized treatments demonstrate good response rates for mantle cell lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

3d rendering medical illustration of the human breast

Special Delivery

Last year, the FDA approved three new antibody-drug conjugates for treating cancer.

stop watch illustration

One-Second Radiation?

Preliminary research suggests that such rapid dosing of radiation could one day become a reality for cancer treatment.

brain illustration

Breast Cancer in the Brain

Tucatinib fights breast cancer that spreads to the brain

hands and liver illustration

Hep B and C Treatment

New research shows that treating these viruses can reduce liver cancer risk.


The Underlying by Anne Boyer


Anne Boyer, a poet and essayist, writes about her experience with triple-negative breast cancer in “The Undying.”


needle and vial vaccine

Vaccines to Prevent Cancer

Available vaccines offer protection against cervical, anal, oral, liver and stomach cancers.


Sheila McGlown

A Breast Cancer Diary: Sheila McGlown

Former Air Force senior master sergeant Sheila McGlown, 53, has metastatic breast cancer. She lives with her husband near St. Louis.

Your Team

David J. Schwab

Finding the Best Clinical Trial

David J. Schwab, CCRP, is a clinical research coordinator for the radiation oncology department at the Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis.


stones flowers purple towel

Cancer Retreats

When your life is affected by cancer a retreat combines natural beauty with fellowship.

Good Stuff

Set Of Tools For Gardener And Flowerpots In Garden

Spring Forward

Get outside, grow a garden or get comfy.

Life With Cancer

My Cancer Talk Primer

Cancer Health blogger Jeff Neurman, 46, lives in Dix Hills, New York, with his wife, two sons and their dog.


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The Cancer Health Quiz

Spring 2020 Quiz

Digital Edition

Cancer Health Spring 2020 cover

Cancer Health Spring 2020

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